Phoenix Quality Management (PQM) 


provides a wide range of Quality Services for multiple industries.



The Phoenix Group was incorporated in 1991 in Indiana. Over the years, The Phoenix Group has emerged as a leader in managing some of the world's top companies Supply Chain Programs. As a leader in Supply Chain Management providing assembly, procurement, project management, engineering, warehousing, logistics and quality services, The Phoenix Group programs are an effective approach in making change and improving productivity.


The Phoenix Group is comprised of a consortium of companies that provide a variety of products and services, in the Supply Chain Services industry. Our ability to offer a range of Value Added products and services, allows our customers to focus on their core competency and operate in a more efficient and lean environment. Our flexibility, resources and experience, as a company, has allowed our customers to realize immediate savings and efficiencies as a valued partner.


Our experienced staff provides our services as contractors and consultants, as we assist our customers, in quality recovery task such as containment, inspection, sorting, salvage and rework. PQM prides itself in being able to help our customers reduce their cost of doing business, by coming up with fast and effective measures for screening and reworking defective products. We recognize the need for accurate, reliable and urgent quality services, and are available 24 hours a day / seven days a week.